Jindřich Štyrský

Jindřich Štyrský (August 11, 1899 Dolní Čermná, Czech Republic – March 21, 1942 Prague, Czech Republic) was a painter, photographer, graphic artist, poet, art theorist and representatives of surrealism.

Jindřich Štyrský studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
After studying, he took an active part in the artistic life and in 1923 joined Devětsil, the association of modern culture.

At the beginning of the 1920s, he created lyrically loaded cubist works.

In 1922 he met Toyen, with whom he collaborated closely, and with whom he and Josef Šíma went to Paris in 1925, where Štyrský lived together with Toyen until 1928.
After his return, he became chief of the stage equipment in the Osvobozené divadlo.

In the 1930s his style became more concrete and moved closer to surrealism.

1933 he joined the Association of Visual Artists Mánes.
1934, together with Toyen, Jindřich Heisler and Karel Teige, he founded the group of Surrealists in Prague.
1935 Styrsky had a very serious heart condition on which he died in 1942.

He also worked on photographs, created collages, pictures, graphics and book illustrations, wrote poems and designed stage sets.

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