Anton Räderscheidt

Anton Räderscheidt (October 11, 1892 in Cologne, Germany – March 8, 1970 Cologne, Germany) was a painter of the “Neuen Sachlichkeit”.

In 1910 he went to the Cologne art education school. After that, he attended a painting seminar at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Düsseldorf and later studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

As a soldier in the First World War he had to interrupt his studies. In the war, he was wounded by grenades, and thereby declared as unfit for service.

In 1917 he continued his education and in the same year he got his state exams as a drawing teacher.

In 1918 he married the artist Marta Hegemann.
Shortly afterwards, he earned his living as a freelance artist and co-founded the group Stupid. Together with the members of the group, there held exhibitions in his studio.

In 1932, he founded the avant-garde group 32, which resolved a year later.

When the Nazis came to power, there declared his art as degenerate and most of the paintings by Anton Räderscheidt were destroyed.
He escaped to Paris with his new companion, Ilse Meyer-Metzger, who was Jewish.
After the German occupation of France, he was identified as an unwanted foreigner in the Les Milles detention center but escaped in 1942 and fled to Switzerland with his companion Ilse Meyer-Metzger. His studio in Paris was plundered, and again many pictures disappeared.

After the death of Ilsemeyer-Metzger, he returned to Paris in 1947. There he met Gisèle Boucherie and moved with her to Cologne in 1949 where he lived until his death.

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