Paul Citroen

Roelof Paul Citroen (December 5, 1896 in Berlin, Germany – March 13, 1983 in Wassenaar, Holland) was an artist, art educator and co-founder of the New Art Academy.

Citroen was born and grew up in a middle-class family in Berlin. Both his parents were Dutch Jews. His father owned a shop. At an early age, Citroen began drawing, provoking strong support from his parents. He soon started to experiment with photography and studied art in Berlin.

In 1919 Citroen began studying at the Bauhaus, where he started taking lessons from Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.
Later he and Charles Roelofsz started up the Nieuwe Kunstschool (New Art School). It ran out of money and closed down in 1937. That year, Citroen became a scholar at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

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