Raoul Hausmann

Raoul Hausmann (July 12, 1886 Vienna, Austria – February 1, 1971 in Limoges, France) was a artist and writer.

When Hausmann was 14 years old he moved with his parents to Berlin.
From 1918 to 1922 he became an important member of the Dada movement.
In Berlin, he lived and worked together with Hannah Höch from 1917 onwards, from who he parted in January 1922. In 1919 he founded the magazine “Der Dada”, from which three editions appeared until 1920.

In 1933 Hausmann had to emigrate because his artistic work was counted as “degenerate art”. He fled to Ibiza, Zurich, Prague and finally Paris, from where he fled to the south of France during the war.

Hausmann had been living in Limoges since 1944, where he died in 1971 after the consequences of a lust for love.

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