Max Ernst

Max Ernst “Maximilian Maria Ernst” (April 2, 189, Brühl, Germany – April 1976, Paris, France) was an important painter, graphic artist and sculptor. After the military service in the First World War, he founded the Cologne Dada group together with Johannes Baargeld and Hans Arp in 1919. In 1922, he left his family and moved to Paris, where he joined the Circle of Surrealists around André Breton and became one of the most important members of the surrealist movement.
At the outbreak of the 2nd world war, Max Ernst was interned several times in French camps.
In July, Max Ernst emigrated to the USA, where he married the art collector Peggy Guggenheim in New York, from which he was divorced again in 1943.
In 1953 he returned to France with his fourth wife, painter Dorothea Tanning.
After him were named museums and schools.

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