Ruth Francken

Ruth Francken (1924 Prague– 12.10.2006 in Paris) was a sculptor, painter, and furniture designer.

She was born in Prague in 1926, Ruth Francken’s life and career would span over six decades, two continents, and more than half a dozen countries.

She studied painting from 1939-1940 at the Ruskin School in Oxford, England and after moved to New York, where she studied at the Art Students League.

In 1942 she became an American citizen and worked as a textile designer until 1949.
From there she moved for two years to Venice and then to Paris, where she lived until her death in 2006.

Ruth Francken was considered an Abstract Expressionist in her early career, until around 1964. After this point she began working with object sculptures, collage, and different textiles and techniques, and her art took on a more surrealist and pop-art aesthetic.

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