Jacques de la Villeglé

Jacques de la Villeglé (27 March 1926 Quimper, France), born as Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé, is an artist and co-founder of the Nouveau Réalisme.

Jacques de la Villeglé studied art and architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes from 1944 to 1946 and from 1947 to 1949 architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Nantes.
In 1947, he began to collect Objets what the war had left, pieces of steel, remnants of the Atlantic wall which he put into sculptures.

Together with his friend Raymond Hains, whom he had met during his studies in Rennes, he concentrated on torn posters in Paris in December 1949, which they took away from walls and redesigned them into new works on canvas.
The friends described themselves as “affichistes” (Poster rippers) and their works as “affiches lacérées” (demolished posters).

In February 1954, Villeglé and Hains met the literary writer François Dufrêne, who made her acquaintance with Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely and the art critic Pierre Restany.

In 1958, Villeglé published an overview of his torn posters, Des Réalités collectives, which, in a sense, formed a precursor to the manifesto of the Nouveau Réalisme group, which he joined as a founding member in Paris on October 27, 1960.

Villeglé and Hains had anticipated their aesthetic principles: the art of everyday life and chance, the avoidance of technology and craft.

Jacques de la Villeglé lives in Paris and Saint-Malo.

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