Antonio Saura (September 22, 1930, Huesca, Spain, 1930 – 22 July, 1998, Cuenca, Spain) was a writer and an artist

Tuberculosis forced him to stay in bed for five years’, which in 1947 caused him to start painting and writing.
His artistic influences were first given by Hans Arp and Yves Tanguy. In numerous drawings and paintings with surrealistic “dream-world character” he developed early a personal style.
After a first stay in Paris in 1952 he returned there in 1954 and 1955.

He frequently worked on the surface of the canvas in different working methods, using formal, very specific structural elements, which he continued to develop.
From 1956 Saura began with his extensive work series ladies, acts, self-portraits, sweats, crucifixes, which he painted on canvas or on paper.

In 1957 he was co-founder of the artist group El Paso in Madrid, which he directed until his dissolution in 1960.

Starting from 1960, he dealt with the sculpture, in which he welded together different metal elements to create human heads, whole figures or crucifixes.

From 1967 he lived exclusively in Paris. He was engaged in opposition to the Franco regime and participated in numerous discussions and disputes on issues of politics, aesthetics or artistic creation.

From 1977 his writings were published. He also made several stage sets for the theater, ballet and opera. From 1983 until his death he resumed his themes and figures.

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