Boris Lurie exhibition at the Hundertmark-Gallery

Boris Lurie (July 18, 1924 Leningrad, Soviet Union – January 7, 2008 in New York City, USA) was an artist and author. He co founded the NO!art movement.

He and his father were from 1941-1945 imprisoned in several concentration camps where his mother, his grandmother, his younger sister and his childhood love what murdered.
In April 1945, Boris Lurie and his father were freed by American troops. Because he spoke English, Boris Lurie worked briefly for American intelligence as an interpreter during Interrogates.

In June 1946, Boris Lurie emigrated with his father to the United States (New York) where he started to work as an artist and co-founded in the late 1950s, the NO!art movement.
NO! Art is an alternative to the abstract expressionism and pop art.
For Lurie art should not escape the reality, but should take care of the issues of real life and show the horrors of civilization – such as war, violence, oppression, colonialism, racism and sexism.

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