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Senkichiro Nasaka

Senkichiro Nasaka (1923 Osaka, Japan) was an artist and member of the Gutai group.

He attended the Nakanoshima Western Painting Institute and the Kawabata School of Fine Art. He entered in 1942 the Kyoto City Painting University, where he became acquainted with Gutai group member Kazuo Shiraga.

In 1965 a Nasaka exhibited with the Gutai Group and he became a group member.
He stayed with Gutai until their breakup in 1972.

While his early works are abstracted, influenced by the Art Informel painting style, he later evolved to different art forms along with the other group members. His rough abstraction gave way to hardedge imagery, light art and kinetic artwork, which became representative of the later Gutai style.